real lightsaber: beamsword v0

Hey everyone, I wanted to share progress I’ve made on the beamsword lightsaber. As a recap, the idea is to create a beam of light which can be turned on and off, where all the electronics and optics are in the hilt of the saber. The path I’ve taken to solve this is by projecting the beam into a diffusive media, such as a fog-filled room. Today I’ll share some photos of the first version of this setup underwater.


Above you can see the hilt on the left, and the beam that it projects into the water on the right. The hilt consists of 3 lenses and 1 LED (I’ll share the design soon). You can get more of an understanding of the lenses in this blog post. You can see that the beam on the right is bright at the beginning and then drops off along the length. A lot of care was taken into beam-shaping with the optics.


The cool thing about it is you can swing it around! Unlike other solutions, the beam is made up of only light, so moving the hilt will immediately change the position of the beam. The downside is, it only works in a fog-filled room / underwater 😦 . I’ll have more to say on that later.

Stay tuned for more updates, and also check out this guy’s lightsaber project as well:




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